Monday, December 18, 2017
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    Biodiversity Conservation in Puerto Princesa’s Northwest Area and its Attached Interconnected Ecosystems

    The project aims to implement cultural and biological diversity conservation activities using a landscape approach. The six major strategies are: (1) Habitat protection for keystone species of birds and plants; (2) Landscape-wide Terrestrial Ecosystem Management; (3) Coastal Resource Management; (4) Sea Turtle Conservation; (5) Community Strengthening/ Institutional Development; and, (6) Capacity Enhancement for Sustainable Livelihood.

    Palawan (Napsan, Honda Bay, Green Island Bay, and the Bacungan Flora and Fauna Forest Block interconnected systems).

    2 years

    790 families in 9 barangays

    Key biodiversity areas (KBA) in Palawan, along with three (3) mountain ranges namely, Bacungan, Napsan-Simpucan Salakot and Irawan, are home to endangered wildlife species such as the hornbill, peacock pheasant and horn toad. These mountain ranges are also connected to seascapes in Honda Bay and Green Island Bay, which provide shelter to sea turtles categorized as critically-endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Despite its declaration as KBA, poaching of wildlife, and unsustainable harvesting practices of non-timber products are still prevalent in the target sites.

    USAID, through the Philippine-American Fund, works with Candis 3 Marketing Cooperative (C3MC) in employing a landscape approach to biodiversity conservation in Puerto Princesa. The approach links biodiversity management with existing beliefs and practices of communities living within the protected areas to ensure local stewardship of resources. The project uses an approach that includes various strategies such as habitat protection for keystone species, landscape-wide terrestrial ecosystem management, coastal resource management, sea turtle conservation and community strengthening and institutional development.

    A total of 350 hectares of forests was covered by enrichment planting, using endemic and fruit bearing trees, to improve wildlife habitats and provide food for wildlife. This completes the project target for enrichment planting in the KBA.

    Timber stand improvement activities covered an additional area of 30 hectares to allow growth and regeneration of key timber species. Mangrove enrichment was also undertaken in 30 additional hectares to sustain biodiversity resources and provide clean water supply to the residents in the area.

    C3MC conducted a rapid assessment of flora and fauna to establish baseline inventory of biodiversity resources in the target sites. Communities living along the coastal areas were trained on sea turtle conservation. Community residents and barangay officials agreed to help in monitoring sea turtles. As a result, a total of 7,298 juvenile marine turtles were released to the sea.

    C3MC is continuously conducting IEC activities to inform communities of the importance of sea turtle conservation, including the proper release of juvenile sea turtles.  

    The project oriented 140 community members (66 female, 74 male) on sea turtle conservation through the conduct of purok meetings and household visits. The orientation focused on the discussion regarding sea turtle ecosystems and biology, threats in conserving sea turtles, survival rates and offshore challenges faced by sea turtles.

    Partnership agreements were also signed with the barangays and the local disaster risk reduction and management council for riverbank rehabilitation in the target sites. The partnership included collaborative management and monitoring of wildlife and planted trees.

    C3MC is now working on the extension of its current grant to intensify sea turtle conservation efforts in more barangays in Puerto Princesa.



    Candis 3 Marketing Cooperativehas implemented a foreign-assisted project funded by Japan Overseas Forestry Consultancy Agency (JOFCA) from 1998 to 2004. It has managed a Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) project which established an agroforest nursery, the seedlings (coffee, kalamansi, mahogany, etc.) distributed to participating household members.

    Composed of nine BOD and 93 members, the cooperative keeps the bayanihan spirit strong in the community. Candis 3 has a pool of prospective staff and advisers including botanists, social scientists, fishery and forestry experts a specialist on sea turtle conservation.


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