Monday, December 18, 2017
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    Angel Wings (Pholas orientalis), a shellfish commonly known as diwal – a type of shellfish that is endemic in Roxas City
    Protecting Resources by Organizing Teams for Environmental Conservation and Transformation (PROTECT)
    To protect and enhance biodiversity resources in target Marine Sanctuary and Shellfish Reservation Zone in Roxas City
    Roxas City waters and other adjacent coastal municipalities of Panay, Pontevedra, President Roxas and Pilar in Capiz
    Area for Protection: 225 hectares in Olotayan Marine Sanctuary and 70 hectares in Shellfish Reservation
    3,500 fishermen and their families in barangays Punta Cogon and Olotayan in Roxas City
    2 years and 8 months
    The Olotayan Marine Sanctuary (OMS) and Shellfish Reservation Zones in Roxas City lie along the Visayan Sea within the Coral Triangle which is known to be part of the global center of marine biodiversity, and is the migratory route of most marine species in the world. The territory also serves as the Trading Center and Gateway for seafoods produced in the Province of Capiz and nearby towns of Iloilo and Masbate. Current fish accounting shows more than 300 commercially available marine species in Roxas City produced from its 35,000 hectare city waters, 2,000
    hectares fishponds and 16 river systems.
    Both the OMS and the Shellfish Reservation Zones are under threat of ecosystem degradation largely because of the following:
    • Illegal fishing and establishment of illegal fish cages
    • Agricultural runoff and sedimentation
    • Weak and fragmented governance
    • Limited funding that can support proper management and protection of the target sites
    • Inadequate enforcement of management regulations
    • Giant clams are also under threat due to illegal harvesting and trafficking
    The project proposes to implement and strengthen conservation efforts at the OMS and shellfish reserves. It
    seeks to address the threats to the area’s biodiversity by implementing three major activities:
    1. Facilitating and strengthening Multi-stakeholder Participation in MPA management
    2. Ensuring habitat protection, enhancement and conservation of diverse marine species for climate change mitigation and adaptation
    3. Creating sustainable eco-friendly livelihood opportunities for equitable and inclusive broad-based growth.