Monday, December 18, 2017
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  • Pagtambayayong – A Foundation for Mutual Aid, Inc. (PFI)

    Economic Recovery and Growth for Small Farmers in the Yolanda-affected Areas of North Cebu

    The project aims to improve the quality of life of 2,000 farmers in Yolanda-afflicted areas of North Cebu through the implementation of organic and natural hog-raising technology.
    Bogo City, Medellin and Daanbantayan of Cebu Province
    2,000 farmers in North Cebu
    2 years and 8 months

    Typhoon Yolanda destroyed a big part of the Philippines, including most parts of Cebu such as Bogo City and the municipalities of Medellin and Daanbantayan. Rehabilitation is being implemented to help affected families get back on their feet. Even before Yolanda, 80 percent of the target beneficiaries were already subsistence farmers with an average area of 0.25 hectares planted with corn and vegetables and a few areas allotted for raising free range chicken.  Some of the farmers are agrarian reform beneficiaries engaged in sugar cane production as a monocrop. Livelihoods suffered due to lack of access to technical assistance or financing of production inputs.

    USAID, through the Philippine-American Fund, assists Pagtambayayong Foundation, Inc. (PFI) in accelerating the economic recovery of 2,000 Yolanda-affected families based on a sustainable farming system. The project provides technical and financial assistance which improves the productivity of small farmers, as well as increases their income by combining main crops like corn and sugarcane with vegetables, cash crops and organically grown hogs.

    PFI facilitated the release of production loans to 78 additional beneficiaries for the establishment of pig pens and procurement of piglets. These loans were provided by the Land Bank of the Philippines. The total number of beneficiaries operating hog-raising activities has now reached 188.

    During the quarter, PFI recorded 57 beneficiaries who harvested matured hogs. Harvested hogs were sold to Metro Gaisano Bogo, Prince Warehouse Club Daanbantayan, Angie and Jett’s Meatshop in Bogo and other PFI partners in Metro Cebu.

    The project also initiated a minor restructuring of its processes to expedite the provision of pig pens. It established a revolving fund which was used exclusively for pig pen procurement. Another 59 beneficiaries are in the pipeline awaiting the delivery of their piglets.