Monday, December 18, 2017
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    Phil-Am Fund

    The Philippine-American Fund is a $24 Million grant facility opened by the Philippines and managed by the Gerry Roxas Foundation, with SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. as institutional partner. The project will be implemented from August 2013 to September 2018.



    The Phil-Am Fund awards sub-grants that support inclusive, sustainable growth by contributing to five broad categories: 1) enterprise development, 2) governance, 3) counter trafficking in persons, 4) education innovation challenge grants, and 5) biodiversity conservation. 

    The Economic Growth Grants fund enterprises and business associations to support efforts to sustainably generate jobs.

    The Governance Grants strengthen the work of civil society organizations in promoting public sector accountability and transparency. Phil-Am Fund also encourages more responsible business behavior to promote corporate integrity.

    The Trafficking in Persons Grants support activities across the three pillars of USAID’s counter-trafficking strategy—prosecution, prevention, and victim protection.

    The Education Grants finance scalable and technology-based solutions that provide quality education to early grade learners in hard-to-reach areas. The funding also supports activities to improve adult literacy.

    The Biodiversity Grantssupport conservation and management of natural resources to improve environmental resilience. 



    The Fund is open to all local private, for-profit and non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, including universities, research organizations, professional associations, faith-based, and community organizations, and other relevant special interest associations. On a case to case basis and with pre-determined funding caps, proposals from U.S. organizations may also be accepted.



    As of August 2016, Phil-Am Fund has received a total of 703 applications. Thirty-three (33) grants were awarded, consisting of 12 projects to promote biodiversity, four (4) in basic education, five (5) in good governance, and six (6) each in anti-trafficking in persons and economic growth. In terms of geographic reach, 16 were awarded in Luzon, eight (8) in Visayas and nine (9) in Mindanao.