Monday, December 18, 2017
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  • Tribal Leaders Development Foundation, Inc. (TLDFI)

    Save Allah Valley, South Cotabato (Photo source:
    Sustaining a Viable Environment in the Allah Valley Watershed Forest Reserve (SAVE Allah Valley)
    The project aims to protect the biodiversity resources in the Allah Valley, primarily the Philippine Eagle as its keystone species
    South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat
    3 years
    Indigenous People and Women from the T’boli tribe

    Despite having been declared as a protected area by virtue of Presidential Decree 2455 in 1985, the Allah Valley Watershed Forest Reserve (AVWFR) in South Cotabato is slowly being destroyed by the combined pressures from large scale agricultural plantations, slash-and-burn farming, illegal logging, and mining. Intentional forest fires are common during summer. These have resulted in massive deforestation, flash floods and increasing rate of siltation.

    These problems, compounded by inadequate enforcement of environmental laws, lack of awareness among local officials on the importance of preserving the ecological balance of the watershed, insufficient government services and the economic deprivation of the residents, resulted in unsustainable use of the forests, continued clearing of critical portions of the AVWFR and eventual loss of its biodiversity.

    USAID, through the Philippine-American Fund, supports the Tribal Leaders Development Foundation, Inc. (TLDFI) in addressing the loss of biodiversity by improving natural resource management in the AVWFR and providing economic opportunities for Indigenous People’s (IP) communities within the area. TLDFI also helps in securing protected areas in the AVWFR and controlling human activities in buffer areas.

    A total of 200 boundary markers were installed covering a total distance of 36 kilometers. Another 1,810 hills of bamboos were planted to serve as live monuments. The monuments were planted in Barangays Klubi, Lamdalag, Lamlahak, Tkunel, and barangay Tasiman in Lake Sebu.
    The project distributed and planted 1,045 hills of assorted fruit trees and 5,130 hills of Arabica coffee seedlings in Sitio Lebu, Brgy. Klubi in Lake Sebu covering 19 hectares. In Sitio Lambusong, Brgy. Colongolo, Surallah, 1,045 hills of assorted trees and 5,130 of coffee seedlings were planted covering 19 hectares. In Sitio Mala in Datal Dlanag, Tboli, a total of 655 assorted fruit trees and 3,240 hills of Arabica seedlings covering 12 hectares were also planted. A total of 2,745 assorted fruit trees and 13,500 Arabica seedlings were planted in the 50-hectare expansion area of the buffer zone.

    Forest guards conducted foot patrolling in their designated areas. Fifteen (15) forest guards reported empty patches and a decline in number of trees in Partum sub-watershed in Surallah due to charcoal making. Twenty (20) forest guards conducted forest patrol in the four (4) Barangays in Lake Sebu, while 12 forest guards conducted patrolling in Sitio Demamis to Sitio Laconon in T’boli. Another 18 forest guards conducted foot patrol in barangays Dlanag and Salacafe in, T’boli on Mar. 28, 2017. No reports of illegal activities were observed in the Lake Sebu and T’boli areas. 

    Tribal Leaders Development Foundation, Inc. (TLDFI) was established in 1986 and is a PCNC-certified organization. It is a member of several organizations like Coalition of Social Development Organizations in South Cotabato, Area Based Standards Network (ABSNet), Upland NGO Assistance Committee (UNAC), Mindanao NGO Convergence on Social Protection (MiNConSP), Philippine Watershed Management Council, and AVWFR Protected Area Management Board (PAMB).
    TLDFI has been implementing programs on environmental protection and conservation. Under a project funded by the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF), TLDFI, with its project partners successfully demarcated on the ground the 12,143.80 hectares strict protection forest of the portion of AVWFR in the Municipality of Tboli.
    Salvecio B. Dagang, MD
    Chairperson, TLDFI
    Purok Mapainubuson, Brgy. Edwards
    Tboli, South Cotabato