Monday, December 18, 2017
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  • Young Public Servants (YPS)

    Democratic Citizenship and Good Governance for Change: Enhanced Political Participation among the Filipino Youth
    The project aims to enhance political participation of the Filipino youth by providing platforms for discussion of citizen participation in democracy, governance and politics.
    3 years
    Youth Organizations, Young Professionals and Student Leaders

    National elective politics still remains in the space of traditional patronage politics. Educating the youth and consistently providing them with information on political engagement can evolve into a new generation of political movers in the future. Recent programs and reform movements such as Youth Vote Philippines (YVP) and the Movement for Good Governance, where Young Public Servants (YPS) played a major role in developing, helped increase awareness on changing traditional politics. Though the recent elections produced many young representatives in the Congress or in the local government, many of them are part of strategies made by political dynasties to maintain authority. They do this by going with different youth activities and reform movement.

    USAID, through the Philippine-American Fund, supports YPS’ involvement on electoral reform through its Democratic Citizenship programs, as well as its youth engagement through the YVP. A staple program in YPS called Social Conversations is a venue for gathering knowledge and insights from the youth. There is a continuing need for collaboration and education in political engagement and reform.

    The YPS Governance and Democratic Citizenship programs provide various platforms and venues for collaboration, knowledge and education on citizen participation in democracy and enhanced political engagement.

    YPS kicked-off the quarter with the conduct of the first Youth Empowerment Summit (YES) which was participated in by 469 young people (53 percent females) from the National Capital Region and other nearby provinces, and 33 delegates represented the 18 local chapters of YouthVote Philippines. The YES event, held in Pasay City on Jan. 27 to 29, was YPS’ approach in strengthening YVP local chapter representatives in educating the youth on the importance of their active political participation.  

    Since the beginning of the project, YPS was able to organize a post-elections provincial social conversation and five partnership meetings, which were attended by a total of 160 youth participants (57 percent female). These conversations identified issues faced by the youth in their localities. Issues raised by the participants during the discussion include the implementation of curfew as a deterrent for delinquents, proper waste management, teenage pregnancy and drug addiction.

    YPS also signed a memorandum of agreement with the Ateneo School of Government (ASOG) for the conduct of the Nationwide Survey on Youth Political and Governance Participation project. The initial draft on the vote-buying survey narrative was completed. The result established many types of offers in terms of vote-buying. It also discovered that voters are more likely to accept the offer if it is in the form of food or material things, and least likely to accept the offer if in the form of money.

    The project finalized the Post-Election Survey, the third and last tranche survey under this project. The 10-question survey targets one thousand (1,000) young voters whose opinion regarding the conduct of the 2016 Synchronized National and Local Elections will be determined.

    The Young Public Servants (YPS)was established in 2006 as a conscious initiative of INCITEGov (International Center for Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Governance) to harness the perspectives and energies of its younger members aged 35 and below. YPS seeks to:(1) be the leading resource for youth-oriented activities in cultivating democratic citizenship; (2) increase awareness on Good Governance and Democratic Citizenship among the youth; (3) be an influential and credible source of information on youth perspectives especially to initiate dialogues and fora that may lead to policy reforms, (4) undertake research relevant to understanding the youth and establish programs that can be undertaken by and for the youth, and (5) provide venues for the youth to voice their views and opinions on Good Governance and Democratic Citizenship and other issues important to them.
    Natalie Christine Jorge
    Chairperson, YPS
    Unit 1110 Prestige Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City